A Foodie’s Guide to Myrtle Beach Golf Resorts

Title: A Gastronomic Voyage: Myrtle Beach Golf Resorts

On the sunny golden shores of South Carolina is the paradise that golfers and food enthusiasts refer to as Myrtle Beach. Known for its impressive collection of golf courses, Myrtle Beach is equally loved for its gastronomic landscape that is as diverse and inspiring as its picturesque seaside vistas. After an invigorating round of golf, what could be better than indulging in some remarkable culinary delights? When in Myrtle Beach golf resorts, the only to-do besides golf is certainly to feast! Allow me to guide you through a gastronomic adventure across these golf resorts.

Embarking on this epicurean journey, our first stop is the clubhouse of the Barefoot Resort & Golf. The ‘Barefoot Dye Clubhouse’ is home to a casual dining restaurant that serves up an eclectic mix of traditional Southern comfort foods and creative international delicacies. Their shrimp and grits dish, a low-country specialty, stands to be the crowd-pleaser in this haven for golf and food enthusiasts.

The next station in the journey is the prestigious Grande Dunes Resort Club. Their ‘Grande Dunes Grille Room’ is a hot favorite among the locals, notably for their mouth-watering Grande Burger piled high with everything your heart desires. Don’t forget to try their succulent coastal Carolina Calamari, a local delight worthy of your palate’s attention.

Just a short drive away, at the Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, you’ll come across the ‘Caledonia Grill’, an absolute gem. Their array of scrumptious offerings include everything from hearty breakfasts to fine dining options. Remember to order the signature She-crab Soup, a richly creamy, chunky seafood concoction that screams coastal South Carolina.

The splendorous ‘Pine Lakes Country Club’ houses the ‘Pine Lakes Tavern’. Stepping into their space is like stepping back in time, thanks to the classic charm radiating from its historic walls. Don’t miss their Reuben sandwich – a rite of passage for any visitor – and the Shrimp Po Boy, both served following traditional recipes dating back decades.

Completing our gastronomic traversal, we arrive at the golfing haven, TPC Myrtle Beach, with its ‘TPC Grille’, offering a spectrum of flavors from simple yet well-executed sandwiches to gourmet specials. Patrons swear by the TPC Cheeseburger paired with their locally-brewed craft beers.

Vegetarians need not shy away from this food adventure. Vegan delights are generously spread across the Myrtle Beach golf resort menus. The ‘Vegetarian Delight’ at Barefoot Dye Clubhouse with a medley of grilled veggies or the ‘Garden Burger’ at Grande Dunes Grille Room are some of the plant-forward options guaranteed to impress their vegan guests.

For fine dining enthusiasts, the ‘21 Main Steakhouse’ at the North Beach Plantation Golf Resort will redefine luxury dining. With its award-winning steak and seafood, it’s a perfect place to splurge after your golf game. Be sure to complement the exquisite taste of their mouth-melting fillet mignon with the finest wines from their extensive library.

Now, it wouldn’t be South Carolina without a bit of Southern BBQ, would it? The ‘River City Café’ at the River Oaks Golf Plantation offers you just that. Their slow-cooked, super tender, and smoky BBQ ribs are enough to make you forget that you came to Myrtle Beach for golf in the first place!

Lastly, no food voyage would be complete without dessert. Myrtle Beach golf courses are rife with sweet treats – the Key Lime Pie at Caledonia Grill or the Warm Apple Crisp at Pine Lakes Tavern – offering a perfect ending to a fantastic golf day.

So next time you’re packing up your golf clubs to venture out onto the fairways of Myrtle Beach, remember there’s more than one kind of green that this town is famous for. Whether you’re talking about the rolling greens of its legendary golf courses or the crisp greens of a fresh salad, the gastronomic delights that these golf courses have to offer will make your trip to Myrtle Beach truly unforgettable. The famous adage at Myrtle Beach golf clubs is that your game is only as good as the meal that follows – and once you’ve tasted the culinary wonders this place has to offer, you’ll see why that couldn’t be more true!

2 thoughts on “A Foodie’s Guide to Myrtle Beach Golf Resorts”

  1. Incredible! I can almost taste the shrimp and grits from Barefoot Dye Clubhouse as I read your post! I’ve been to Myrtle Beach a couple of times but never explored the gastronomic side elaborately. You’ve inspired me to do just that on my next golf trip. And River City Café BBQ ribs might be the first thing I try once I land. Golfing to burn off those extra calories, doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all!😁

  2. Fantastic read! As a lover of both golf and food, Myrtle Beach’s offerings seem irresistible. The Grande Dunes Grande Burger and the She-crab soup at Caledonia Grill have piqued my interest. One question though, any particular local craft beer at TPC Grille you’d recommend to go with that highly praised TPC Cheeseburger?

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