How to Choose the Right Golf Putter

Title: A Golfer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Putter in Myrtle Beach

In the world of golf, one of the game’s most critical elements remains underrated – choosing the right putter. It often equates to victory or defeat, especially in Myrtle Beach’s picturesque courses, where golf is more than just a game – it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice to the fairways, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about selecting your perfect golf putter.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Putter:

Firstly, let’s examine the makings of a putter. There are two foundational types of putters – blade and mallet. Blade putters have a traditional, narrow look and benefit those with an arcing putt stroke. They offer excellent feedback but require a steady hand. Mallet putters, with their larger heads and wider body, provide additional stability and forgiveness for those with a straighter putt stroke and are fast gaining popularity.

The length of your putter also plays a pivotal role. The standard lengths are – Belly (41-44 inches), Standard (33-35 inches), and Long (48-52 inches). Ideally, your putter should parallel the ground when you’re in position. A well-fitted putter complements your stance and stroke instead of forcing you to adjust.

Understanding your Stroke:

Next, it’s crucial to recognize your putting stroke style – is it straight (back and forth on a straight line) or arcing (the putter moves slightly inside to out)? Different putters are designed to accommodate varying stroke types. Face-balanced putters, where the face points upwards when balanced on a finger, favor a straight stroke. For an arcing stroke, a toe-balanced (where the toe droops towards the ground) or toe-up putter is ideal.

Understanding the Technology:

In today’s world, even golf putters are packed with tech. Features like adjustable weights, improved alignment aids, and low center of gravity create a more consistent ball roll and reduce skidding. Putters like Taylormade’s Spider FCG and Scotty Cameron’s Special Select embrace advanced materials and designs that optimize weight distribution and balance.

Understanding the Green of Myrtle Beach:

A peculiar consideration while choosing a putter in Myrtle Beach is the grass type. In our area, Bermuda grass is prevalent, which has a grainy reputation. Depending on the grain’s direction, your ball speed can change significantly. Consequently, consider opting for putters with a solid, softer feel, boosting overall control.

Understanding Personal Preference:

Lastly, and importantly, remember that the right putter is often an extension of your personal comfort and preference. Whether it’s the look, feel, or even the sound of the ball off your putter – if it strengthens your confidence on the green, that’s your winner.

Keeping these pointers in mind, there are popular golf stores and outfitters in Myrtle Beach like the PGA Tour Superstore and Martin’s Golf and Tennis where you can get a feel for different putter types and consult with experts on what will work best for you.

Insider Tip: Spend time practicing putting. It’s free at most Myrtle Beach golf outlets, and there’s no better way to understand what works for you than playing the game itself.

In conclusion, selecting the perfect putter isn’t just about the price tag. It’s about understanding your golf game – from your stroke style to the type of greens you play on. It’s about embracing technology without overlooking the fundamentals. Above all, it’s about finding that trusty companion that instills confidence each time you line up for a putt. After all, the secret to good putting doesn’t lie in the wand but the wizard that wields it. Whether you’re teeing off against the picturesque backdrop of the Dunes Golf and Beach Club or rolling putts at TPC Myrtle Beach, remember – in your hands, the right putter makes every shot possible. Enjoy the game!

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  1. I never knew that the type of grass made such a difference with putts. Makes me think I should set some travel plans to try out different greens! Also, that Bernie Sanders meme at the end gave me a good laugh – ‘It’s not about the wand but the wizard that wields it’, classic!

  2. Really insightful write-up. I’ve been using the same putter for years now and am considering a change, so this post came at the right time. The distinction between blade and mallet putters particularly caught my attention. By the way, does anyone have further experience with the Taylormade Spider FCG?

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