The Best Golf Cart Rentals in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Premier Golf Cart Rentals in Myrtle Beach

Golf and Myrtle Beach go together like sand and surf. Yet, when you really want to explore the sprawling golf greens in this city, or navigate around the local paths and avenues, a golf cart is an absolute must-have. As a Myrtle Beach resident and a member of the vibrant golf community here, I’ve scouted around to find the premier golf cart rentals that give you the best experience and value for money. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

#1. King of Carts – Myrtle Beach

Considered by many as the ‘King’ in their business, this golf cart rental provider boasts expansive service coverage extending even to neighboring areas like North Myrtle and Surfside Beach. They offer four-seater and six-seater golf carts, all within a reasonable price range. The up-to-date carts are refreshed annually to ensure clients always get a neat, clean, and well-maintained vehicle. Plus, they provide doorstep delivery – a convenient touch, especially for out-of-town golfers.

#2. Go Fast Scooters and Golf Carts

In the heart of Myrtle Beach, Go Fast shines with its diverse vehicle offerings beyond just golf carts. They claim their gas golf carts can reach up to 25mph, making commutes faster and more exhilarating. Moreover, the customization options for longer-term users are a unique selling point. Additions including Bluetooth speakers and LED lights allow you to make your rented cart feel as personal as possible.

#3. Graham Golf Cars

With over 36 years in service, Graham Golf Cars is a trusted choice of locals and visitors alike. They offer free delivery and pick up within a ten-mile radius of downtown Myrtle Beach, providing convenience that’s second to none. With a variety of both electric and gasoline four- and six-seater golf carts, they can service any visitor’s needs for a weekly rate.

#4. A-JAX Golf Cart Rentals

A-JAX is cherished for their reliable service and well-maintained carts. They offer four-, six-, and eight-seater golf carts to accommodate groups of any size. Weekly and daily rates are available and they deliver free to select locations. A-JAX also packs in roadside assistance with every rental, which can be a real bonus, assuring you peace of mind during your adventures.

#5. Affordable Golf Cart Rentals

Living up to their name, Affordable Golf Cart Rentals offers competitive pricing without a compromise in quality. They have four- and six-seater models fueled by either gas or electricity. They also provide free delivery and pickup to most locations in the Myrtle Beach area. For those seeking a budget-friendly option with excellent service, this provider hits the mark perfectly.

#6. Hotz Rentals

Nestled in downtown Myrtle Beach, Hotz Rentals boasts an extensive range of cart sizes, all compliant with the city’s golf cart laws. They offer daily, weekly, and even monthly rental options and are especially appreciated for their attentive customer service.

Every one of these rental agencies offers something unique, but they all share a few common features. They comply with Myrtle Beach’s golf cart laws, which is a crucial factor for potential renters. Plus, they’re insured, which provides a safety net for renters, and run a well-maintained fleet ready to be a part of your golfing experience.

Before you head over to the stunning fairways of Myrtle Beach or soak up the city scene, remember to rent a comfortable golf cart. It will provide an easy means to explore the beautiful locales, transport your gear, and experience the golf capital of the world properly.

The rhythm of putting, the thrill of a hole-in-one – golf is undeniably a core element of Myrtle Beach. Link that with the comradery found riding around in a golf cart from one of these reliable rentals, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate golf experience.

So grab your clubs, choose your rental, and let’s meet on the greens!

2 thoughts on “The Best Golf Cart Rentals in Myrtle Beach”

  1. I just wanted to vouch for Graham Golf Cars, they’ve been my go-to place for years and their service is top-notch every time. By the way, any tips on choosing between electric and gas carts? I’ve always gone electric but curious if there are advantages to gas-powered ones?

  2. FairwayFreddy82

    Really great roundup of the top golf cart renters in Myrtle, thanks for the insights! I usually rent from King of Carts but I’ll give A-JAX a try next time, especially with their roadside assistance offer. Might help me out if I get lost on the 18th again, ha!

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