The Best Golf Courses for High Handicappers in Myrtle Beach

Title: Teeing Off with Confidence: The Best Golf Courses for High Handicappers in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is not just South Carolina’s premier beach destination, it’s also known as the “Seaside Golf Capital of the World”. With over 100 golf courses spread across the coastline, this deciduous city attracts golf lovers of all skill levels, from professional to veterans, to beginners. However, a common question asked by many: where should high handicappers go for a friendly, forgiving, yet challenging round?

Join me as I introduce you to the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach specifically designed for high handicappers. These courses guarantee you’ll enjoy your round, cut your handicap, and have a terrific time doing it.

1. Whispering Pines

Begin your journey with Whispering Pines. This golf course doesn’t have houses lining its fairways, offering an isolated and serene environment where you can concentrate on your game without distraction. The broad fairways accommodate all skill levels but are especially welcoming to high handicappers. The greens are kept in exceptional condition, and players will notice minimal hazards and few daunting carries over water or sand, making a round at Whispering Pines a pleasure, not a chore.

2. The Witch Golf Club

Just as the name excites curiosity, The Witch Golf Club is a mystical challenge to high handicappers but in the most welcoming way. The professionally designed layout weaves through the serene natural wetlands of Myrtle Beach, presenting a unique golf experience. The holes are enjoyable puzzles that encourage players to learn how to find safe routes to the greens. It’s a perfect fusion of fun and tact.

3. Shaftesbury Glen

The open fairways of Shaftesbury Glen are a sight to behold and a pleasure to play. Inspired by the traditional design of Winged Foot and Augusta National, Shaftesbury allows plenty of space, yet still provides the thrill of covering large distances. The club’s facilities also double as a Golf Learning Complex, which offers golf instructions on every aspect of the game, a definite plus for high handicappers keen on improving.

4. River Hills Golf and Country Club

The undulating terrain that runs through this course is a unique characteristic that matches the calibre of more prestigious courses. Despite the hilly topography, River Hills is quite forgiving. The 18-hole layout features wide landing areas and few forced carries. It’s a beautiful course that inspires you to play while not punishing you excessively for your off shots.

5. Arcadian Shores

Arcadian Shores strikes a balance between challenging and relaxing golf. With a course rating of 73.2 and a slope of 137 from the championship tees, it represents a fair challenge for beginners. It highlights natural features with well-placed fairway bunkers that make the golfer pause for thought before striking the ball. This thoughtful design helps high-handicappers strategize and enhance their gameplay.

6. Possum Trot

Known as the “Friendliest Course on the Strand”, Possum Trot offers an inviting atmosphere for golfers wanting to have a good time while lightly being challenged. Wide fairways and minimal hazards have made this course popular among high handicappers. The course’s strategic design places a premium on accurate approach shots and offers great learning opportunities.

7. River Oaks Golf Plantation

River Oaks strikes an excellent balance between being challenging yet playable for high handicappers. It presents wide fairways lined with trees and strategically positioned water hazards. But don’t let the sight of water daunt you. The course plays fairly for those who are mindful of their club selection and approach.

Ultimately, Myrtle Beach offers an array of golf courses, each with its unique charm and level of difficulty. These seven courses stand out as the best options for high handicappers, coupling excellent design with the degree of difficulty that pushes you to improve, without the daunting challenge of more advanced courses. Collectively, they provide a welcoming and advantageous environment for you to develop your game, enjoy a moment of connection with nature, and come back with a bunch of glorious memories to cherish. After all, golf in Myrtle Beach is all about the experience, regardless of your handicap.

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