The Best Golf Courses for Left-Handed Players in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Ace for Southpaws: Top Golf Courses for Left-Handed Players in Myrtle Beach

Sensationally situated on South Carolina’s faultless Atlantic Coast, Myrtle Beach is a golfer’s haven. Lovingly termed the ‘Golf Capital of the World’, it boasts over 100 beautifully designed golf courses suited for players of all levels and preferences. But as a left-hander, you may wonder: which of these sprawling greens suit your right-brain dominance best? Fret no more, as we aim to disclose the best golf courses for left-handed players in Myrtle Beach.

Let’s start our journey with the legendary Dunes Golf and Beach Club. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, this course offers an exciting challenge, especially for lefties. The course’s signature hole, Waterloo (No.13), is a sharp dogleg left par-5 that pivots around Lake Singleton, an absolute treat for left-handed players. This Jones masterpiece requires accuracy and precision, making it a great platform for southpaws to flaunt their skills.

Next is Tidewater Golf Club, another golfer’s paradise in Myrtle Beach with exceptional features for the left-handers amongst us. Elevated greens and narrow tree-lined fairways demand precision, allowing lefties to exploit their innate ability to visualize and execute challenging shots. The holes here are genuinely eye-popping, particularly the par-3 12th hole that gifts a generous view of the serene Intracoastal Waterway.

Barefoot Resort’s Dye Course also ranks high. Oozing the classic Dye complexity and challenge, the course tends to favour left-handed players by virtue of its design. The esthetically shaped bunkers, natural vegetation and abundant water hazards can be less intimidating for left-handed golfers, who often excel in spatial awareness.

If the challenge to discover a golfer’s flair and finesse in perfectly sculpted terrains excite you, Caledonia Golf and Fish Club should be your heavenly haven. Carved from centuries-old oaks and pines, its signature hole—the 18th—is a daunting par-4 affair, surrounded by marshy waters on the right, which is strategically advantageous for left-handed players. In many ways, Caledonia stands as a testament to the innately graceful strokes of lefties.

Arrowhead Country Club’s Cypress nine deserves special attention, too. Its unique water features and carefully molded dogleg fairways embrace left-handers’ unique perspective. Maurice Brackett’s design brags a series of curving par-4s, making the course dramatically lefty-friendly.

Last, but undoubtedly, not least, is King’s North at Myrtle Beach National. Arnold Palmer’s finest work, this course boasts the infamous “Gambler” Hole. This risk-reward par-5, designed around an island fairway, is a classic lefty challenge, as it favors a draw off the tee—a natural shot shape for most lefties.

For left-handed golfers, Myrtle Beach offers more than just stunning views; these courses cater specifically to your play strengths, offering unparalleled avenues to conquer. So southpaws, pack your gear and head to Myrtle Beach. You’ll not only be welcomed, but also celebrated!

For years, Myrtle Beach stood synonymous with premier golfing experiences, and it’s time to recognize this scene as a haven for our unique breed of southpaw golfers. Whether you’re a professional left-handed golfer looking for your next challenge or a lefty amateur seeking the thrill and excitement of top-flight golfing, these courses promise an unrivaled golf experience. Be it the artful complexity of Dye Course, the serenity of Caledonia, or the gambling spirit of King’s North, Myrtle Beach truly is a lefty’s delight.

Remember, for left-handers looking to write their own golfing history, the secret lies in exploiting your unique point of view—an advantage Myrtle Beach’s top golf courses are eager to offer. Swing with confidence and see you on the greens!

5 thoughts on “The Best Golf Courses for Left-Handed Players in Myrtle Beach”

  1. Fantastic article. As the wife of a lefty golfer, I always see him struggling on right-dominant courses. It’s great to know places like Myrtle Beach consider the ‘lefties’ too. I can’t wait to surprise him with a trip there; I bet he’ll love the ‘Gambler’ Hole!

  2. Man, this post is making me want to book a trip to Myrtle Beach ASAP! So many course options for us lefties. Time to put my right-brained spatial awareness to the test! Also, did they mention a ‘waterloo’ hole?! As an ABBA fan, I gotta try thıs one out!

  3. Haha, always comforting to remember golf courses are ambidextrous. Seriously though, nice to see a nod to us left-handers. I’ve always found King’s North a fascinating round but had no idea Dunes Golf was particularly lefty-friendly, guess I know where I’m booking my next golf trip!

  4. Being a lefty golfer, this blog post really speaks to me! I’ve had my fair share of struggles on courses designed predominantly for right-handers. Looks like Myrtle Beach is the place to be. Can anyone tell me more about the Dye Course at Barefoot Resort? How challenging is it really?

  5. Thanks for the superb round-up! As a proud left-handed golfer, I’ve often struggled with courses that don’t suit my style. A trip to Myrtle Beach is definitely in order now. Has anyone played at both Dunes Golf and Tidewater? Curious about the level of difficulty on these.

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