The Best Golf Courses for Scenic Views in Myrtle Beach

Title: Myrtle Beach’s Grand Tour: Golf Courses with the Most Scenic Views

In the heart of South Carolina’s Grand Strand lies Myrtle Beach, a town renowned for its shimmering Atlantic beaches, vibrant culture, and unrivalled golfing scene. With over 100 expertly designed golf courses, the area is affectionately known as ‘golfer’s paradise’. However, it’s not just the challenging layouts and immaculate greenways that allure golf enthusiasts. The stunning scenic vistas offered by several Myrtle Beach’s golf courses further enhance the overall golfing experience. Here, we take a tour of the best golf courses offering extraordinary panoramic views in Myrtle Beach.

1. Grand Dunes Resort Club

Designed by the versatile Robert Trent Jones II, the Grand Dunes Resort Club is indisputably one of Myrtle Beach’s flagship courses. The sea often forms the serene backdrop of your swing as you navigate through the course’s undulating terrains, manicured fairways, and well-placed bunkers. The signature hole, the par-4 9th, runs parallel to the shoreline, promising a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. TPC Myrtle Beach

Carved neatly out of a Lowcountry forest is TPC Myrtle Beach, a classic Tom Fazio design. An excellent ensemble of towering trees, clear waterways, and wetland flora makes this course a visual delight. The course’s essence lies in its tranquil environment – still lakes, marshlands, and rustling leaves, a sense of peace ensues, making it a feast for both your golfing skills and love for natural beauty.

3. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

It would be an injustice to talk about scenic golf courses in Myrtle Beach without mentioning the Dunes Golf and Beach Club. The course boasts a nostalgic design by Robert Trent Jones and offers numerous views of the neighboring ocean, the Singleton Swash tidal creek, and the local beach club. The majestic 13th hole, famously known as “Waterloo,” features a sweeping dogleg around Lake Singleton, offering an irresistible challenge to golfers of all levels.

4. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

In Pawleys Island, just a short drive from Myrtle Beach, is the enchantingly scenic Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. The aged live oaks dripping Spanish Moss define a distinct Southern charm to this course. The club has elegantly preserved the area’s natural habitat. Golfers can appreciate Lowcountry’s timeless beauty-prevalent swamps, azaleas, alligators, and a good deal of bird species. Every round culminates at the par-4 18th hole running alongside the Plantation’s antebellum-style clubhouse offering an enthralling sight for the onlookers.

5. Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club

Another Jack Nicklaus designed gem, Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club, offers an exquisite blend of natural beauty and unique golfing experience. The highlighted 13th hole, a par-3, is regarded as one of the most picturesque around Myrtle Beach, set against a panoramic view of marshland stretching to the sea.

6. Barefoot Resort – Dye Course

A Pete Dye creation, the Barefoot Resort – Dye Course, presents a golfer’s paradise with a touch of rugged beauty. The course incorporates native grass, abundant oaks, and towering pines enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The fairways are ingeniously interconnected with the natural water bodies making every game at Barefoot an exciting challenge and a visual treat.

7. Heritage Club

Another Pawleys Island gem, the Heritage Club is set amidst an amalgamation of stately oaks, mammoth magnolias, fresh water lakes and marshes. The serene beauty of the plantation and lush natural landscapes are the real charm of this course. The dramatic, sprawling lawns blend the thrill of the game with the hush of nature, promising a truly immersive experience.

Our tour around the scenic golf courses in Myrtle Beach elucidates how the region seamlessly merges golfing with stunning natural vistas. The enthralling views augment a golfer’s experience, making every game visually delightful and mentally rejuvenating. Whether you’re an amateur or an adroit golfer, the courses we traversed intertwine the challenges of golf with the tranquility of nature, affirming Myrtle Beach’s status as a golfer’s paradise.

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  1. Great read! Really made me want to pack up my clubs and head to Myrtle Beach. Anybody have experience with both the Grand Dunes Resort Club and the Dunes Golf and Beach Club? Which one would you pick for a golf vacation?

  2. Wow! This blog post is a hole-in-one. I had no idea there were so many courses in Myrtle Beach. The Caledonia Golf & Fish Club sounds enchanting with all the bird species, alligators, live oaks, and Spanish Moss. Any early bird tee times around there? I’m assuming that’s the best time to catch sight of all that wildlife. By the way, they should call it Golf & Fish & Birdwatching Club! Ha!

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