The Best Golf Courses for Wildlife Enthusiasts in Myrtle Beach

Title: Unveiling the Best Golf Courses for Wildlife Lovers in Myrtle Beach

The lush greenery, beautiful backdrops, and stunning seascape make Myrtle Beach, South Carolina an ultimate haven for golf lovers. However, besides its spectacular layout, Myrtle Beach is also celebrated for its florid wildlife that visit golf courses. For those who love to mix golf with wildlife watching, here are the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach for you to explore.

1. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club:

Our list would be utterly incomplete without naming the revered Dunes Golf and Beach Club, an iconic addition to Myrtle Beach’s golf stature. Its intricately designed holes, imbued with history and glamour, have a cachet of wildlife too. Often, golfers land a glimpse of alligators sun-bathing, snowy egrets, herons, and even the occasional deer. Beyond the buzz, the Robert Trent Jones creation is a sanctuary for endangered wildlife, making it potentially the best spot for golfers who are wildlife enthusiasts.

2. Caledonia Golf and Fish Club:

Tucked away from the hullabaloo of city life, this Mike Stranz signature course stands on a former rice plantation, resembling an art canvas. Its fairways edged with towering live oak forests house fox squirrels, raccoon, deer, and many species of birds. Golfers may even spot a rare American bald eagle. The blend of pristine natural charm along with the wildlife sightings makes Caledonia a must-have experience for golf and nature aficionados alike.

3. Tidewater Golf Club:

The Tidewater Golf Club, nestled between the Intracoastal Waterway and Cherry Grove, is a golf course offering a panoramic topography set with carpet-like fairways and smooth greens, and its share of local wildlife. The Club attracts golfers and bird watchers who want to enjoy golf while surveying marsh birds like egrets and blue herons. Versatile wildlife, including turtles, alligators and the occasional fox, cohabitating with lush greens make this a wildlife enthusiast’s dreamland.

4. Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club:

The Pawleys Plantation is not just another golf course; it’s an experience. As you indulge in its challenging terrain, be ready to share the course with turtles, alligators, blue herons, foxes, and an array of avian species. Located on a former rice plantation, the terrain provides diverse habitats for wildlife.

5. Barefoot Resort Love Course:

Savoring the beauty of Love Course at Barefoot Resort is a divine experience, and it’s not just the emerald fairways that attract golfers. The striking layout offers wildlife spotting opportunities with squirrels, rabbits, alligators, and a plethora of bird species making regular guest appearances.

6. True Blue Plantation:

Another Mike Stranz product, the True Blue Plantation encompasses a unique blend of nature and impeccable golfing opportunities. The towering pines, sparkling blue waterways, and wild grass sometimes serve as a nesting ground for various birds, including hawks, eagles, and herons. Encounters with large water turtles and non-threatening alligators may also await at the next turn.

7. Grande Dunes:

This grandeur of a golf course sitting by the Intracoastal Waterway offers an upscale golfing experience along with a significant wildlife presence. The course hosts a variety of avian species accommodating osprey, eagles, herons, and even ducks in their water features. Plus, possums, rabbits, and squirrels are abundant here, adding to the natural allure of the place.

8. Heritage Club:

Heritage Club, another former rice plantation, retains the haunting charm of the old south with its hundred-year-old oaks and sprawling magnolias. Here, deer, waterfowl, and even wild turkeys amble amongst the beautiful fairways, greens, and band of time-honored canopies.

Visiting these lovely golf courses ensures that you not only enjoy the best sport in a splendid location but also engage in a tryst with nature. As adroitly designed as they are, they become an ultimate sanctuary for diverse wildlife, offering those passionate about wildlife a memorable trip.

Take a swing at one of these gorgeous golf courses and enjoy the rare opportunity of golfing under the watchful eyes of an eagle or the chirping of birds. Adding a unique challenge to your game while simultaneously experiencing wildlife in their natural habitat, these best golf courses for wildlife enthusiasts make Myrtle Beach all the more appealing.

2 thoughts on “The Best Golf Courses for Wildlife Enthusiasts in Myrtle Beach”

  1. Wow, this post spoke to me! As a longtime golfer and a wildlife enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for golf courses that offer unique and stunning natural vistas. Visited Caledonia Golf and Fish Club and wasn’t disappointed! Spotting the rare American bald eagle was an absolute delight! I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of the courses on this list.

  2. Ace_And_Alligator

    Been to a couple of these courses, and the wildlife is indeed a treat. But my golf buddies don’t seem as excited about the alligators as I am. Guess it’s not a ‘game’ to them unless they can lose a ball in a water hazard without the possibility of it becoming an amuse-bouche for a sunbathing gator, huh? Anyone else’s friends think they’re barking up the wrong tree with the wildlife golf-course thing?

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