The Best Golf Podcasts for Your Trip to Myrtle Beach

Title: Discover the Fairways Virtually: The Best Golf Podcasts for Your Trip to Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, the crown jewel of South Carolina, is famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches, delicious seafood, and most significantly, its lush golf courses. For those preparing to embark on a golfing pilgrimage within this mini-paradise, we’ve put together an essential list of the best golf podcasts you should listen to during your journey. These enlightening gems will be your companion on your trip, perfect for some entertainment during long drives or relaxing evenings after your round on renowned courses such as Caledonia or Pine Lakes.

1. No Laying Up:

No Laying Up is an absolute must-listen for all golf enthusiasts. Five self-professed golf addicts host this highly engaging podcast in which they discuss current golf news, give expert analysis on tournament highlights, and engage in interviews with various famous faces from PGA Tour. The hosts’ dynamic mix of humor, candid opinions, and knowledgeable insights make for a podcast that feels like a friendly chat amongst fellow golfer buddies rather than a formal discussion.

2. The Fried Egg:

While No Laying Up keeps the conversation light-hearted, The Fried Egg dives deeper into the strategy and architecture behind the game. Hosted by Andy Johnson, this podcast focuses on the more complex side of golf, offering detailed courses analysis, in-depth player profiles, and intricate discussions on golf design. For those golfers looking to deepen their understanding of course architecture while staying at Myrtle Beach’s finest resorts, The Fried Egg is the perfect podcast.

3. Fore Play:

The Fore Play podcast, by Barstool Sports, has quickly become a firm favorite among younger golf fans for its banter-filled, relatable take on the sport. Hosted by Riggs, Trent, Frankie, and Lurch, this lively podcast balances humor with scoop-filled interviews featuring significant golf figures including top golf pros and noteworthy celebrities who share a passion for the sport. Whether you’re driving down to Myrtle Beach or relaxing after a day on the greens, Fore Play is an enjoyable companion.

4. The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon:

A broadcasting veteran, Shane Bacon brings a unique perspective to the world of golf in his podcast, The Clubhouse. It is a hub of interesting interviews with golf professionals, journalists, architects, and passionate recreational golfers. It offers a holistic perspective on the sport, covering everything from mental toughness and on-course strategies to significant golf trends. The Clubhouse truly has something to offer to every type of golf enthusiast.

5. Earn Your Edge:

If you’re looking for some golf inspiration to boost your game, then Earn Your Edge is the podcast for you. Hosted by Golf Performance Coaches, Cameron McCormick, and Corey Lundberg, it provides practical performance improvement strategies from professional players and coaches. This podcast is not just about the physical and technical aspects, but it also delves into the psychological part of the game. For any golfer looking to sharpen their skills before hitting Myrtle Beach’s famous courses, Earn Your Edge is an invaluable resource.

6. TalkinGolf History:

For those eager to delve into the roots of golf while taking in the unhurried charm of Myrtle Beach, the TalkinGolf History podcast is a one-way ticket to the golf yesteryears. It combines the practical with the philosophical, serving up digestible facts and fascinating takes on the evolution of golf. It offers a unique outlook on the sport and a knowledgeable appreciation for its past, making it a fascinating listen for history buffs and golf enthusiasts alike.

These excellent golf podcasts not only provide entertaining content, but they also offer the opportunity for golfers to expand their understanding, increase their appreciation, and elevate their experience of the remarkable game. Hopefully, they will be the ideal pairing to your trip to Myrtle Beach, a place where natural beauty fuses perfectly with world-class golfing experiences.

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