The Famed Waterway Hills at Oyster Bay Golf Links

Title: “Delighting in the Splendor of The Famed Waterway Hills at Oyster Bay Golf Links”

The charming Atlantic city of Myrtle Beach, renowned for its sandy shores and remarkable golf courses, proudly hosts an exquisite golfing destination: The Waterway Hills at Oyster Bay Golf Links. A creation of designer architect Robert Trent Jones, this carefully crafted links-style course provides an invigorating golfing experience with a distinctive blend of spectacular scenery, challenging holes, and meticulous maintenance.

Nestled amid the impressive landscapes of North Myrtle Beach, Waterway Hills beautifully embodies the harmony of golf and nature. This splendidly manicured 27-hole layout unfolds through mature trees and pristine bodies of water. It’s a golfing paradise, brimming with wildlife, and surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of South Carolina’s low country.

From the moment you arrive at Waterway Hills, you’re catapulted into a golfer’s haven. A thrilling gondola-ride across the Intracoastal Waterway sets the ambiance for the splendid golfing experience that lays ahead. This unique transportation is more than a stylish entrance; it personifies the grandeur and exclusivity of the Waterway Hills experience.

The three 9-hole courses – the Oaks, the Lakes, and the Ravine – each woven into the impressive South Carolina scenery, will undoubtedly challenge every calibre of golfer. These three nines, named for their natural elements, offer different strategic complexities and allow for 27-hole combinations. Play on these courses is like dancing across an artist’s canvas, with breathtaking vistas all around.

The Oaks is thick with hardwood trees, providing a cool shade and adding a tactical dimension to your game requiring accuracy and thoughtful planning. The Lakes, as the name suggests, is highlighted by several serene bodies of water, dramatically influencing club selection and strategy. The Ravine is characterized by drastic elevation changes that add an unexpected challenge to your putting and approach shots. No matter which combination you assemble, a round at Waterway Hills is a balanced test of skill and strategy.

A stand-out feature of Oyster Bay is its immaculate attention to detail. Its splendid greens receive consistent rave reviews for their excellent condition, and they roll true regardless of the season. Its fairways are as immaculately kept, presenting an enjoyable turf underfoot.

Notwithstanding the intricacies of the course, Waterway Hills also prioritizes playability. Its five tee sets ensure golfers of all skill levels can enjoy their round without undue frustration. Junior golfers, seniors, and beginners can all find a comfortable range that suits their game.

Beyond the course, the attractions of Waterway Hills continue. Its comprehensive practice facilities — which include a putting green, a chipping area, and a full-featured driving range — offer golfers an excellent platform to warm up pre-round or to refine their skills.

The clubhouse is a welcoming sanctuary that provides all the amenities necessary for a relaxing post-round experience. Here, golfers can relish a delicious meal, rehydrate with a variety of refreshing beverages, or stock up on golf essentials at the fully stocked pro-shop which also hosts a vast collection of Waterway Hills memorabilia.

For training and professional advice, Waterway Hills maintains a staff of knowledgeable golf professionals providing lessons tailored to improve your game, from beginners seeking to grasp the basics to seasoned players striving for perfection.

In the midst of the countless golfing sites dotting Myrtle Beach, Waterway Hills at Oyster Bay Golf Links undoubtedly stands as a shining beacon. Its thoughtful design, crisp maintenance, and the memorable aesthetic vistas make it a must-play for any golfer journeying the sands of Myrtle Beach.

To sum it up, the Waterway Hills experience is not merely golf; it’s a delightful orchestration of sport, nature, and camaraderie. Whether you’re on a golfing vacation, a local golfer, or a passing traveller, this Myrtle Beach gem is certainly worth more than one round. Cherishing the memories, improving your game, and, most of all, enjoying the true essence of golf is what Waterway Hills at Oyster Bay Golf Links offers. Join this magnificent golfing symphony and find your rhythm at this grand South Carolinian golfing stage.

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