The Intricate Bunkering at Lockwood Folly Country Club

Title: Delving into the Intricate Bunkering at Lockwood Folly Country Club

With its resplendent views and challenging layout, the Lockwood Folly Country Club remains one of the crowning gems of the Myrtle Beach golfing scene. But, one aspect that offers both enthralling allure and a challenging pursuit to golfers is the complex, intricate bunkering that sets this country club apart.

The Mapping of Sand and Strategy

Located in Holden Beach, North Carolina, less than an hour drive from Myrtle Beach, the course prides itself on its unique layout and natural beauty, dressed up by the Atlantic Ocean and the Lockwood Folly River that flow on its peripheries. However, it’s the 18 holes spread across a challenging 6,836 yards that draw attention, each replete with strategic bunkers designed to test every golfer’s grit.

Notably, the course’s designer, Willard Byrd, is known for his penchant for integrating local terrain features into the course design. To say that the bunkers at Lockwood are just ‘sand traps’ is to oversimply their design philosophy. Rather, these bunkers are cleverly embedded within the course, making them as much of a visual treat as an obstacle for careful navigation.

The Bunker Challenge

Every hole at Lockwood Folly present unique bunkering, each calling for distinct club selection and shot planning. Perhaps the most challenging of these holes is the 8th and 11th, both of which are par-5s, where you are confronted by multiple bunkers in succession.

Yet, the intricate bunkering isn’t solely about making the course difficult. Its role is more about forcing golfers to be strategic and thoughtful decision-makers on the course. Golfers, regardless of their handicap, are continuously engaged, having to balance risks and rewards with each swing.

Bunker Craftsmanship

Lockwood Folly Country Club has evolved over the years, with extensive renovation in 2016 to transform the Bermuda grass course to a more modern Mini-Verde Bermuda, especially on the greens. Correspondingly, the bunkers, too, underwent an upgrade.

The craftsmanship represents a careful balance of aesthetic appeal and functional challenge. Each bunker is carefully carved into the terrain, blending seamlessly with the surrounding foliage and presenting an impressive picture when viewed from afar. As an integral part of the course, they contribute to the drive towards sustainability, with many of the bunkers designed for natural drainage.

Adapting Your Game to the Bunkers

Lockwood Folly bunkers demand to be treated with respect. They’re not merciless pitfalls, but they can rapidly transform a good round into a challenging one. The key to navigating them is all about club selection, understanding the wind direction, and adjusting your stance.

Keeping a sand wedge in the bag is always a good idea at Lockwood due to the quantity and frequent placement of the bunkers. Practice varying your swing speed based on how far you are from the hole, and remember that golf is a game of inches, not yards in the bunker.

Final Thoughts

The Lockwood Folly Country Club is not just a golf course – it’s a vivid painting of natural beauty complimented by a challenging game of golf. The intelligently designed, intricate bunkering only adds to the beauty, excitement, and challenge.

These bunkers are simultaneously a test and a teaching tool, pushing golfers not only to improve physically, but also intellectually in their understanding of the game. Familiarity with the bunkering at Lockwood Folly can dramatically enhance your approach play and bunker-based strategy, lifting your golfing experience to a higher pedestal.

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