Tidewater Golf Club: Where Every Hole is a Painting

Title: Tidewater Golf Club: Where Every Hole is a Painting

Situated along the Intracoastal Waterway and the cherry grove of Myrtle Beach resides the breathtaking Tidewater Golf Club, an enticing display of golf artistry. Known for its exhilarating layout and picturesque views, Tidewater aptly epitomizes the phrase “Where Every Hole is a Painting.”

When it opened its doors in 1990, Tidewater Golf Club was the first golf course ever to be named “Best New Public Course” by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine in the same year. Over the last three decades, this course layout designed by esteemed architect Ken Tomlinson continues to maintain its post in the pantheon of highest rated golf courses in Myrtle Beach, a testament to the unique combination of natural beauty and imaginative layout it affords.

Situated on a peninsula surrounded by a saltwater marsh and the Cherry Grove Inlet, the uniqueness of the Tidewater Golf Club’s location is on blatant display throughout the play. The waterway views on holes 3, 12, and 13, paired with the panoramic view of the coastal inlet on hole 4, are absolute strokes of the layout genius that Tomlinson provides — indeed, they are the perfect portrait of a golfer’s paradise.

Immaculately cultivated Greens Bermuda top the 7,044 yards of painterly landscapes, while each hole offers a rare blend of splendor and challenge. Tidewater’s charming design does well to incorporate its natural setting, making each round of golf not only a game but also a nature walk.

One cannot mention Tidewater without lauding the splendid 3rd and 12th holes — famously known as the “signature holes.” Seen in countless photos and praised by many golfers, both holes offer tee box views across the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway that would warm any golfer’s heart, regardless of the scorecard.

Every journey arrives with its challenges. With the magnificence of the Tidewater Golf Club also arrives the challenge that its beauty conceals. The sea breezes off the Atlantic Ocean can turn gentle tee shots into strategic battles, making club selection a game of chess against Mother Nature.

Additionally, the layout enforces a premium on accurate driving and precise approach shots, thus representing a strategic test of golfing skills and ability. The ultimate challenge, however, presents itself on the 18th hole where golfers will need to shape a drive if they wish to avoid the pond to the left.

Another strong lure of Tidewater Golf Club, which is influenced by the southern hospitality of Myrtle Beach, lies in its premier customer service that exudes warmth and personalized care. A dedicated team of professionals ensures that every moment spent on the green is one of comfort and exclusivity.

Complementing the enticing Tidewater experience is the fully equipped pro shop along with top-quality dining at the clubhouse. The pro shop is stocked with the finest golf merchandise and attire, while the Tidewater Grill offers a relaxed setting with a diverse menu that’s perfect to unwind after a round of golf.

Tidewater Golf Club isn’t just about golf — it’s a haven of tranquility, a unique blend of unrivaled beauty, and a meticulously maintained course. It is indeed a landscape painting, where every hole tells a story, one stroke at a time — a story of harmony between nature and sport.

Year after year, even with countless courses in Myrtle Beach, Tidewater continues to stand out among its contemporaries, not just for its topographical variety and aesthetic appeal, but also for maintaining high playing conditions and delivering uncompromised customer service. The inviting allure of this picturesque golf course is a reason seasoned golfers tend to return to its fairways and greens.

In conclusion, Tidewater Golf Club is a masterpiece, an experiential blend of artistry and golf, where every hole indeed mirrors a painting – showcasing stunning vistas and offering golfing challenges that dramatically unfold with each swing. For those seeking a fusion of challenging play and stunning visual appeal, Tidewater offers a golf experience that is, quite simply, unmatched.

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