How to Plan a Golf Trip for Seniors

Title: Planning a Remarkable Golf Trip for Seniors: The Ultimate Guide

Visiting Myrtle Beach, affectionately known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’, is a dream realised for golf enthusiasts, more so for senior golfers. It is home to over 100 picturesque golf courses fringed by the serene Atlantic. There’s no greater joy than combining this love for golf with the excitement of travel. With a little planning and thought, a memorable golf trip for seniors is very achievable.

Preparation is key. Seniors require a trip that melds excitement and leisure to overcome physical demands. Here’s a handy guide on how to plan a perfect golf trip to Myrtle Beach for seniors.

1. Pick the Right Time:

Myrtle Beach Golf courses are typically open year-round. Spring and Fall are peak seasons when the weather is ideal for golfing. It’s best to avoid summer, lest the sweltering heat proves physically taxing. Winters attract fewer tourists, making it an option for those looking for a quieter experience, although weather conditions may be tricky.

2. Choose Suitable Courses:

Not every course suits every golfer. For seniors, choose courses that are less strenuous, have flatter terrains, and offer golf cart facilities. The Myrtle Beach area offers a varied assortment of challenging yet playable courses.

Consider Legends Resort – a top-tier facility with five breathtaking courses or the serene Willbrook Plantation that winds through centuries-old oak trees. Moreover, courses like Myrtlewood Golf Club, PineHills Course, and Palmetto Course offer stunning views without much physical strain.

3. Accommodation:

Several golf courses in Myrtle Beach also provide excellent lodging facilities for a comfortable stay. Legends Resort offers convenient “Stay and Play” packages with heavenly breakfast options. Other options to consider are the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes and The Golf Colony Resort at Surfside Beach.

4. Mobility:

Move about the city with ease by hiring a transportation service. EZ Ride Myrtle Beach offers convenient, professional golf transportation, easing the stress of travel. ADA-accessible vehicle services are also available in the city, ensuring seamless travel for seniors with mobility limitations.

5. Comprehensive Golf Packages:

To ensure seniors get the most out of their golfing experience, consider opting for comprehensive golf packages. These packages often have discounted rates and typically include green fees, cart fees, and even lodging. Some, like the Myrtle Beach Golf Trail, offer bonus rounds, an excellent chance to explore diverse courses at value pricing.

6. Off-course Activities:

While golfing in the picturesque greens of Myrtle Beach is the main attraction, off-course recreational activities provide much-needed downtime. Marvel at the beauty of Brookgreen Gardens, take a leisure walk through the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, or enjoy a live performance at the Carolina Opry. Myrtle Beach is brimming with activities for every taste.

7. Booking Golf Tee Times:

Online portals like Myrtle Beach Golf at allow you to reserve tee times at multiple Myrtle Beach golf courses. To avoid crowds, early morning or late afternoon times are recommended.

8. Health & Safety:

Ensure the golf trip keeps in line with the health and physical condition of the senior golfers. Keep essential emergency numbers and nearby hospital addresses handy. Myrtle Beach is equipped with excellent healthcare services like the Grand Strand Medical Center and Tidelands Health, providing peace of mind during your trip.

9. Pace Yourself:

Scheduling every hour isn’t necessary; remember, this is a leisure trip. Establish a balanced itinerary allowing plenty of rest between activities. This way, the seniors can take in the beauty of Myrtle Beach at their own pace and cherish every moment.

10. Personal Comfort and Needs:

Finally, remember necessities such as prescriptions, comfortable footwear, hats, sunscreen, and personal clubs. Such personal needs cater to seniors’ comfort, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

With these factors in mind, a remarkable golf trip to Myrtle Beach, replete with the charm of the sport and the laid-back ambiance of this delightful South Carolina city, is yours for the taking for senior golfers.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the camaraderie on the golf courses, the warm sunsets over the Atlantic, and the serene beach town life that Myrtle Beach offers. This meticulously designed golf trip promises a unique blend of sport, leisure, and bonding, resulting in memories that last a lifetime. Experience the joy of golfing paired with the tranquil charm of Myrtle Beach. Let the legendary Myrtle golf experience begin!

2 thoughts on “How to Plan a Golf Trip for Seniors”

  1. Love this article! I’m in my late 60s and have been planning a trip to Myrtle Beach with my old high school friends. This guide narrows things down nicely. Thank you for these tips! One question though – is it advisable to book tee times well in advance or is it fine to just walk in? Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth_Jameson

    Hi, my husband and I enjoyed our trip to Myrtle Beach last year thanks to guides like yours! Just a little humor here, but don’t forget to mention that seniors should have their reading glasses handy. My husband forgot his and let’s just say it was quite an adventure deciphering the golf course maps!

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